Technical Integration

• The IIEdPm of HSV has integrated with some of the top companies from IT, IT – ES Services, semiconductor, Telecom, Banking and Insurance industry for providing continues education to their employees. These programmes are also customized to suit the immediate needs of the industry/Integrating organization.

• If an industry/Organization designs an exclusive course which is not available with the HSV and the HSV up on checking the legitimacy and the career prospects of students decides to approve the courses by the HSV the industry/ organization may be given a choice to run the proposed courses subjects to a minimum guarantee of student enrollments in a year as agreed upon by HSV.

• Interested Industry/ Organization should send a letter of interest addressed to Register, HSV through IIEdPm along with list of proposed exclusive Industry Integrated programmer, Proposed fee per year, Syllabus, Study material as per the HSV format and other required documents in their official letter head and duly signed by authorized signatory to offer various industry integrated programmes.

• The inspection committee will check the requisite infrastructure details as submitted. The cost of inspection will be borne by the industry/organization.

• HSV shall authorize the industry / organization to promote proposed industry integrated program exclusively and shall uploaded institutions name in the HSV website ( separately maintain for Industry Integrated Education Programme.

• Industry / Organization can establish its affiliate associate centre to promote proposed Industry Integrated Education Programme exclusively in specified region and complete all the formalities prescribed as per HSV policy.

• Industry/organization will submit “Joint undertaking” duly signed by the authorized signatory of the industry / organization and affiliate associate centre to HSV.

• The industry / Organization will be governed by the regulations approved by the HSV from time to time in this regard.

• The industry/ organization will make arrangements for conducting online examination, if need be, HSV shall assign any other responsibility to the industry / organization as it may consider necessary for qualitative conduct of its industry integrated program under affiliate associate center for Industry Integrated Education Programmers (IIEdPm).