Beginning your studies at HSV can be one of the most exciting things you have ever done. In fact, you may already be on your way to earning one of the PROGRAMS of HSV.

We accept students from diverse academic backgrounds and work experience, and it is possible to transfer credits from qualified institutions.

You could also be eligible for life experience credit for work in your field of study. In this section, you can learn more about admission requirements and opportunities for Graduate, Post Graduate, Transfer, Military and International students.


The basic eligibility for admission to various programs from Certificate level to Post PG level are the same that are prescribed by other Indian Universities under the syllabus & nomenclatures fixed by University Grants commission (UGC), Govt. of India from time to time.


This is one of most effective advantages for the associates and students, that there is an option to transfer the student from any other University to the HSV after any number of years with the old Credits.

For example, if one has completed first year or second year of studies in UG level or first year of studies in PG level in any University and discontinued his/her studies in middle, he/she will have a chance of getting readmitted in consequent year/s at HSV and continue his/her further education.


Candidates who have already obtained any UG/PG Degree from any other University are also eligible to enroll for an additional degree at HSV. Such students complete additional degree within one year.


If the applicants do not have the eligibility criteria, the applications are automatically returned to them along with all enclosures and the fee paid after deducting Rs.1,000/-.

Such students are, however, permitted to apply again after they satisfy HSV Admission Authorities with the eligibility criteria. The students, whose applications have been rejected, may appeal to the Registrar- HSV, if they wish to have a review of their applications.


All the enrolled students will be provided with the Students Regulations, which contain the various rules and regulations pertaining to administering the program and the examinations.

All registered students are required to strictly adhere to the rules and regulations stipulated, therein.


The fee once paid is neither refundable nor re adjustable under any circumstances except in the case of rejected applications.


The HSV reserves the right to amend the rules and regulations wherever considered necessary and appropriate without any prior notice.

Such amendments will be intimated to the students through the website www.hsv.org.in

Therefore, this publication and the descriptions contained herein are not to be construed as a contract binding on the HSV or the Learning Resource Provider or any of its representatives to any specific policies.

The students are advised to go through the website frequently where all circulars and important information will be hosted from time to time. Promulgation of any such information on the website in the form of circulars/notices is considered to be adequate.


The HSV has authorized various Institutes as AFFILIATE ASSOCIATE CENTRE (AAC) at different locations in India and Abroad Countries to render assistance to the students. The information regarding such AFFILIATE ASSOCIATE CENTRE (AAC) is available on www.hsv.org.in from time to time. They are equipped to:

Provide counseling to the students on various programs.

Supply of admission material

Acceptance of completed application form, basic amount and confirm spot admissions for those who satisfy the requisite criteria.

Swiping facilities for Credit / Debit Cards

Provide Internet access to the enrolled students.

Answering student queries

Attending student problems / grievances

Facilities for downloading of study material etc.

Sale of all the publications of HSV including Journals, Magazines and Books.