About Industry Integrated Education Programmes

The HSV conducts Industry Integrated Education programmes as a means of continuing education for employed professionals as part of the human resource development programmes of specific organizations. For the conduct of Industry Integrated Education programmes, the basic requirement is the participation of the integrative organization by extending physical and other facilities and by agreeing to integrate their work requirements with the academic requirements of the HSV for the Pursuit of the Diploma / Bachelor / Master level programme. In all these programmes, emphasis is on self-learning and the pedagogy attempts to integrate as many modern technologies as desirable. While every one of these programmes requires integration of an organization, some programmes have a highly structured integration with planned classroom activities and some programmes may have less structured planning. While a number of Course of Programmes are offered through structured integration with many integrating organizations, there are also Course of Programmes, which are available in an open manner as Industry Integrated Education programmes for a large number of organizations, each of which may sponsor students. For all these programmes, faculty/resource persons are drawn from the Affiliate Associate Center of Industry Integrated Education programmes the participating organizations as well as experts from other Institutions.