About IAO

INTERNATIONAL ACCREDITATION ORGANIZATION-IAO is under process for HINDUSTAN SARVA VIDHYAPEETH (HSV) as well as other International Recognition, Reputation and Standards.

Accreditation and educational quality assurance are essential factors that complete the educational ecosystem. Regional accreditation bodies have dutifully evaluated education providers on a regional scale and granted them Primary Accreditation. However in the wake of growing globalization, an increasing number of students are opting to study at educational Institutions or work for companies outside their home country. For institutions to compete with their international counterparts, a body to recognize and accredit education providers on an international scale was needed to grant them Secondary Accreditation for their establishments. It was imperative to create standards that are both regionally and internationally recognized and accepted.

IAO's International Accreditation

To accomplish the challenge, IAO started providing International accreditation to the educational institutions to serve as secondary accreditation, enhance the institution's regional accreditation and assures students that the educational program, policies and procedures of that institution are up to the international standards of education. IAO's International Accreditation represents an institution's commitment to delivering quality education which is on a par with the global standards. It assures the institute's students that their degrees and credits will have increased acceptability around the world, should they decide to study or work abroad.

IAO's Points Profile System

IAO grants international accreditation through a unique and patented Points Profile System that is developed by organizing the best global practices in education at one place in collaboration with regional accreditation bodies. IAO's Point Profile System works as general basis of evaluation for any education provider, regardless of its regional location to supplement their regional accreditation and provide an additional international accreditation.
The Points Profile System is a dynamic and evolving system that is continually updated in order to cater new developments in the academic world. In relation to this, IAO is also working upon a Points Profile System for students on an individual level that will increase individual acceptability and recognition of students in both educational sector and the employer market.

About the Organization

IAO owes its success to its strong network and team of accreditation professionals spread in over 25 countries around the world. IAO has also collaborated with regional accreditation bodies to supplement their strict accreditation methods with its expertise of standardizing the educational environment internationally. IAO's expertise and services are also recognized by different global accreditation associations.