It is pertinent to note that the concept of Distance Education was originated in 19th Century in Germany & thereafter it was granted recognition by Russia to distance education in the world. Thereby the idea of open education flourished by Britishers during the year 1963 so as to provide an opportunity to persons who denied opportunities to further their education and to prospect their life successful. In 1969, under the Royal Charter, an Open University was established, and the success of which, was more far reaching than the Traditional Universities.

Under the new Education Policy 1986, the Government of India laid particular stress on the system of Open Universities and Distance Education.

HINDUSTAN SARVA VIDHYAPEETH (HSV) is fortunate enough to draw the necessary guidance, direction, cooperation, involvement & encouragement from educationists, professors and social workers of the country for effective & successful implementation of the Distance as well as Online Courses. It is their unanimous opinion that HSV has given practical shape to the concept of the British Prime Minister Harold Wilson by providing Open and Distance Education to the students of under privileged sections and encouraged the democratic spirit to take deeper education in to the depths of the rural India.