Learning System

• It is requested that the candidate intend to work in the significant professional field, as the Industry    Integrated Education and Integrated degrees are based on E-learning process.

• The admission is placed finally by considering the candidates educational background, work profile,     academic achievements, work experience, profile of the organization being employed.

• The education in IIEdPm is characterized by person-Affiliate Associate Centered (AAC) approach where the   rigor and standard are maintained on par with HSV system of education on-campus. These programmes   judiciously combine the flexibility and ingenuity of the outreach educational system with all the regular   features on the E-leaning education system. Also the learning and evaluation process draws upon the    successful and established methodologies followed by the HSV. The work learning environment of a student    under IIEdPm consists of two board-based facets:

1. Academic environment created by the Affiliate Associate Centre for IIEdPm and Affliate Associate Centre     based Instructors who are faculty drawn from different disciplines.

2. Students own work environment from which assignments, projects, seminar etc., may emerge to integrate     theory and practice.

• The work learning environment form a strict requirement in order to infuse a strong component of teacher –  student contact through course instructors as well as the mentor. There is in the design, a clear arrangement   of periodic personal discussion in the work-learning environment with the students so that their progress is   directly monitored by planned interaction. Thus the operation is an imaginative combination of the contact   hours and tutoring on the campus system with the student – Affiliate Associate Centered self-study feature of   the outreach system and an organizational and pedagogic commitment of the Integrating organizations. The   student is at once, a full-time student as well as full-time employee.

• For each course offered there is an Instructor, who is the Affliate Associate centre faculty, drawn from the   relevant discipline that is charged with the responsibility of the conduct of the course. This will be in terms of  preparing question papers, evaluation of answer papers and answering students queries apart from  preparing instruction manuals, question bank , supplementary notes etc., wherever required in order to   strengthen the course.

• For each course there will be a program guide, which will spell out the plan of study and evaluation   schemes, prescribed text book/E-learning materials. The evaluation schedule is also announced in the   beginning of the session itself. All details pertaining to the operation of the course including grading   procedures are shared with the students through this document. It is responsibility of each student to    textbooks and other reference materials recommended for each course in the programming guide.