Our aim of making education accessible to all parts of the population, whether it is the under privileged student in an undeveloped area, who has economic constraints, or one who does not have time to go after a full time course, is accomplished by our wide-ranging of Job oriented education equivalent to Degree Courses through Distance / Online / Part Time / Traditional Education / Business and do helping others to do the research work also.

This also imparts education to down trodden & backwards at concessional fee. HSV also fulfils the aims of vocational & educational right of Indian constitution 1950 under Article 14, 15, 19(1), 21, 26, 29, 30, 45, 46 & 351.


1. To empower the Nation with Education and to lit the minds of people with Literacy, especially under the effective inspiration of the new Education Policy of Govt. of India, 1986.

2. To spread wings to pave Golden Path across the Country from Kashmir to Kanyakumari for the immense benefit of the Indian Citizens, who have a burning desire for the Total Literacy, by way of conducting Training Programs for various Courses of Study in Distance / Regular (face to Face) / Online modes, ranging from Class-1 to PhD level, in association with different Recognized Boards / Schools / Universities / as well as Abroad Universities / Reputed Registered Independent Institutions / Organizations etc.

3. With lawful bye-laws & Resolutions of HSV, from time to time, various value added Programs in different Levels and in various faculties such as Engineering, Paramedical, Management, Hotel Management, Fire & safety, Fashion Technology, Teacher Education, Hotel Management, Sales & Retail Management, Marketing Management, Film & TV, Media & Journalism etc are to be designed, in which various students can be trained through online / Distance / Regular ( face-to-Face) modes and certified by HSV itself.

4. To offers a Collaborative Learning Environment; Expert Faculty; and High-Quality programs in various levels of Study. One can Choose HSV, without any hesitation, which will deliver practical knowledge and strategies, so that he / she can use it immediately to advance either his / her present career or start a new one.

5. To get International accreditation by the World Online Education Accrediting Commissions-U.S.A , Unicef , International Accreditation Agency for Online Universities (I.A.A.O.U) and the Universal Council for Online Education Accreditation (U.C.O.E.A) to become an Online Institution for catering to the Educational needs of thousands of Working Adults and Students through a comprehensive Certificate / Diploma / Bachelor / Master / M.Phil / Ph.D Degree program in all major disciplines .

6. To offer a truly diverse range of majors under its various Degree programs, allowing you to get recognition for your life-long Learning without attending regular classes and Studying by means of Affiliate Associate Centre (AAC). All courses will be frequently reviewed and new majors are constantly being added in order to reflect the ever-expanding range of professional fields in today’s world.

7. To act as an Autonomous , Non-Commercial, Voluntary and Perpetual Body Corporate with Statutory Status under the Constitution of India for the right to Education, Training and its Administration; for providing Education at LESSER COST

1. For the Expansion, Propagation and Development of Distance Education;

2. For the Democratization of Higher Education by providing it to the door- steps of Students;

3. For the Popularization of Education under Open and Distance Education System on the pattern of other Countries;

4. For providing Education at lesser cost;

5. For Publication of Educational Literature;

6. For Honouring Eminent Educationists;

7. For Awarding Titles of Honours to Educators and Researchers;

8. For Conducting Regular, Open, Distance, Correspondence and Continuing Education in General, Traditional, Technical, Professional, and Advanced Management Courses;

9. For Conducting Written, Practical and Oral Examinations;

10. For Awarding Certificates, Diplomas, Degrees and Honours, as per the directions in the National Education Policy of the Government of India, the Directives in the Constitution of India and on the pattern of Open and Distance Education System approved by U.N. and its Agencies such as UNESCO, W.H.O, etc.