Evalution System

• Evaluation of the performance of learners is one of the important components of any teaching-learning   system. The HSV evaluates the performance of its learners through Assignments, project works, practical    and the objective type Term End Examinations.

• As one of the learners friendly features, the HSV has been conducting On-Demand Online Examination is an   innovative step to forward to make the examination system more flexible and to provide an opportunity for   the learners to take up the examinations as per their desire and preparation.

• This innovation venture of On-Demand Online Examination will provide a completely flexible system of   examination independent of the traditional fixed time frame. Under the scheme of On-Demand Online   Examinations, students can walk into identified IIEP authorized test Affiliate Associate Centre on the   prescribed days as per their choice and appear for the examination of the course for which they are    registered. They may be not required to wait for the six months term and examination.