How education can be reach at the doorstep of Public? How the discrimination of degree can be used as brotherhood? Discrimination of degree should be on the ground of similarity of knowledge not on Degrees. Today there is no shortage of universities and educational institutions but it feels. We are trying to sort out this problem and we will keep doing this.

HINDUSTAN SARVA VIDHYAPEETH is an initiative to spread education among the lesser privileged section of population, as well as those professionals who cannot find time to pursue a course for career development. We are aware of the difficulties that both these segments of population face. We find that the zeal of learning has made some of the students from the lower strata of society succeed despite all odds. HSV hopes to end this problem and give even these students a fair chance to succeed, without having to leave their homes.

We have prepared distance learning programmes and have a set-up of Affiliate Associate Centre (AAC) in places where good educational facilities are not available. All kinds of study programmes are available from our institute. Moreover, the process of admission is much simpler and absolutely nothing to bother about lack of seats. This is the usual advantage of all distance learning institutes. Students just need to decide their subjects and study material is sent to their address.

I am greeting all the aspirants of HSV will have all the success.